2015 | Vienna Biennale 2015: Ideas For Change

Vienna Biennale 2015: Ideas For Change
11 June–4 October 2015

Untitled (Timeline)
Wall drawing, dimensions variable
charcoal, graphite

Raluca Popa analyzes the fine nuances and lines of personal and collective memory. In animations for Romanian film, she endows the drawing as note and snapshot with a dimension of movement. For the exhibition she captures scenes from Andrei Ujică's cult film 'Out of the Present' (1997) in extensive wall drawings that she developed on-site at the MAK.The film tells the story of cosmonaut Sergei Krikalev, who spent the time of political transformation and the ending of a historical epoch between May 1991 and March 1992 aboard the space station MIR, while the power structure of the Soviet Union crumbled. In film stills akin to drawings, Popa illuminates the tension between history as spawned by reality and world politics, which seems to be writing fictional narratives. (Vienna Biennale 2015 catalogue, Verlag für Moderne Kunst, 2015)