2011 | Untitled (The Sublime Trip)

Untitled (The Sublime Trip)

Drawing and reading performance with artist Sarah Lüdemann
(with fragments from 'The Magic Mountain' by Thomas Mann)
30x2000 cm


'Untitled (The Sublime Trip)' (2011) comprises a sequence of simple line drawings in graphite and coloured pencil on a roll of paper twenty metres in length. The drawings illustrate a single chapter from German writer Thomas Mann's novel The Magic Mountain (1924), where the central protagonist undertakes a journey to the top of a mountain. The work was first presented as a ten minute long performance during the exhibition preview. The large drawing was unfurled and revealed in full, with extracts from the novel read by a narrator, artist Sarah Lüdemann. Similarly to 'After Susan Sontag' the use of spoken narrative as a central part of the performance encourages the viewer to engage imaginatively. The drawings act almost as a storyboard, marking sections of the chapter as if stills from a film.
(Text by Emma Dean, curator; originally published on Axisweb, a showcase of contemporary art in UK)