2010 | As You Desire Me

As You Desire Me
6-29 august 2010

Artists: Liliana Basarab, Biroul de Cercetari Melodramatice (Irina Gheorghe & Alina Popa), Florin Bobu, Andrada Catavei, Anetta Mona Chisa & Lucia Tkáčová, Hadassah Emmerich, Raluca Popa, Jelena Radić
Curator: Raluca Voinea

The exhibition As You Desire Me brings together for the visitors of the Contemporary Art Gallery of Brukenthal Museum a series of works which approach is challenging and ironic to the image constructed to respond to predictable and normative expectations.
Everyday we build ourselves, we pose, perform ourselves, we connect to each other when it seems appropriate, only to forget that feeling of attachment as soon as the right moment has gone, we divide ourselves and then come back in one piece, in the mirror of memory or in that which the others - always benevolent - put in front of us. Later we raise our children with the same wishes as ours, and if we failed to embody those wishes, we can still invent a past which we don't remember or which never existed.
The artists presented in this exhibition propose a few conceptual positions on the economy of desire, defying the pre-distribution of roles in a libidinal society, mocking the dispensability of the body (of anybody), collecting or imagining memories, staging themselves and reflecting us.

I will be as you desire me, perhaps, only if you believe in me, or if you are prepared to accept that version of me which I am delivering you.

With the support of: SCHAU ORT Zürich/ Christiane Büntgen, Liviana Dan, Madalin Geana, Anca Mihulet

List of works:
Yes (2010, photography, 70 x 50 cm)
Pause (2010, photography, 70 x 50 cm)
Declension (2010; photography, 70 x 50 cm)